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SKINDA Dermato Aesthetic Clinic

SKINDA Dermatology is one of the most prominent Dermatology Center in South Korea, specializing in Laser and Energy-based Devices. SKINDA Dermatology has made it possible for patients to achieve Optimal Clinical Results with Little to No Downtime with its advanced treatment protocols. And, it has established a huge and loyal followings since NO OTHER clinics are able to offer the same services with clinical results that can match SKINDA.

Why choose us?

This is SKINDA

SKINDA aims to be number 1 aesthetic clinic in Asia that give the best treatments to reveal the beauty of customers.

    Standardized Service
    SKINDA will always provide standardized aesthetic services in all major cities in Asia, starting from Surabaya, Indonesia.
    Most Accurate
    SKINDA will always provide the most accurate diagnosis, the most appropriate treatment, and the best prognosis for each and individual patient.
    Reasonable Price
    SKINDA will always provide all services and procedures within a reasonable price.
    Best Result
    SKINDA will always provide a personalized treatment plan with real results and as little to no downtime as clinically possible.
Reveal The Beauty In You
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Focus on customer

Mengutamakan kebutuhan, keinginan, pelayanan terbaik, dan memberikan solusi kepada pelanggan

Kami adalah Tim SKINDA selalu tegas dalam pengambilan keputusan dan peraturan perusahaan
In God we trust

Kami adalah Tim SKINDA selalu mengandalkan TUHAN di dalam segala pekerjaan

Kami adalah Tim SKINDA selalu menjaga dan membangun kerja sama tim yang produktif dan efektif demi tercapainya tujuan bersama

Kami adalah Tim SKINDA selalu mengedepankan kejujuran, ketulusan dan kebenaran disetiap pekerjaan dan perilaku